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Cold, clean water is the lifeblood of Oregon communities, and all of our rivers begin high in healthy Oregon forests. These forested watersheds feed and sustain people and wildlife, including prized wild salmon runs. Right now, the Oregon Board of Forestry is working to finalize a new plan that would preserve and protect some of our state’s most treasured forestlands and rivers for generations to come. But the timber industry is standing in the way.

It’s time for us to stand tall.
For rivers. For forests. For salmon. For communities.
Stand Tall Oregon.


Our state forests

Western Oregon holds more than 600,000 acres of state public forestlands, from the Santiam State Forest to the Tillamook and Clatsop. From the outskirts of Salem and Portland to the Pacific Coast, these forests support clean flowing rivers for salmon, critical habitat for a wide range of wildlife,  recreation areas, and a robust outdoor economy.

These forests:

  • Drive a massive $550M outdoor economy
  • Support 10,500+ jobs
  • Are home to six salmon stronghold rivers
  • Are home to 17 endangered or at-risk species
  • Provide clean drinking water for 500,000+ people
Oregon Forest User

What we stand for

Right now the Oregon Board of Forestry is working to finalize a new Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) that supports communities and forests. The plan will ensure an enduring legacy of smart conservation, healthy economies, and abundant recreation for generations to come. If approved, it will support fish and wildlife habitat, clean water, and recreation on our state public lands, and ensure a better balance between timber harvests and healthy ecosystems.

What Oregonians want:

  • Clean, cold water for salmon and rural communities
  • Conservation of habitat for endangered wildlife
  • Healthy forests that can help curb the climate crisis by capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere
  • A strong economy that balances the needs of people and our forests
  • Recreational opportunities for all
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What stands in the way

For too long, the timber industry has called the shots and clearcut Oregon’s state forests. Now, in a rapidly warming climate with increased temperatures driving threatened salmon runs and imperiled wildlife to extinction, industry still wants to increase clearcutting on state forests and has tried to stop, stall, and discredit the Habitat Conservation Plan.

It’s time to
Stand Tall Oregon

Join us and tell the Oregon Board of Forestry to pass a strong Habitat Conservation Plan.


Stand Tall Oregon